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A Twitter Memorial To Cause Driven Provocateur – Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

NOTE: For the following article RacisTwit searched archives of tweets dating back farther than twitter allows through its online clients. By using multiple methods of database queries, we were able to locate some tweets dating back to late 2008 in order to bring to you the most accurate account of the record. Not all tweets were assessable; however, the tweets we did access have now been cached for future archiving and available here at RacistTwit. This is a historical record of arguably the most honored twitter personality and the most hated. Andrew was anything but hateful or Racist, but his passion for the truth brought out the most hateful and racist tweets we have even seen. Those hateful tweets directed at Andrew and anyone he supported or supported him was part the inspiration in developing this site. Andrew helped coined the twitter term #NOH8 (NO HATE) and we intend to help make that happen. With the help of you our Twipsters, we will help find the haters and make sure they are H8VERIFIED. (Language Warning) 

       It is March 1st and for friends, family, and conservative followers of Andrew Breitbart, today is a day of reflection on the 1 year anniversary of Andrew’s sudden death. Memorializing Andrew as a friend or family member is much like any other friend you have. Andrew loved his kids, was dedicated to their daily activities and was a loving husband to his wife Susan; they were the perfect couple. Being a great husband and father was something many of his loyal followers knew and that only bolstered their love for the passionate fighter, whom they would follow into battle on a moment’s notice. It’s hard to imagine that someone with so much love and respect could be the lightning rod for such vitriolic hatred that systematically exploded at any location made Andrew decide that a righteous and opposing message was needed to be represented. This hatred was most evident as it flowed through the digital conduit and blasted out at a single spigot, Twitter. For most of us, such targeted hatred would be enough to run and hide, but to Andrew the H8 VERIFIED wasn’t just something to be ignored. Andrew felt it should be RETWEETED

My fave leftist H8 tweets are ones that drip with desire to inflict emotional pain. The desperation is deliciously palpable.

The Andrew haters came from all kinds of backgrounds as lawyers, doctors, journalists, and college professors all wanted a tiny part of Andrew’s time. Some wanted a little bit more.

Not even Big Hollywood stars could resist Andrew’s shining star..NOTE: The next tweet is not embedded.  Alec Baldwin took a peak at this page today and blocked it….Pansy!

Alec Baldwin Hate

For those that Alec Baldwin didn’t block, (all 20 of you on twitter), The actual live tweet might be available below. If you can see it, reach out and say hello please.   If not, he hates you.

As always, Andrew was on point and based his response off facts. Following Andrew’s Twitter feed was at times worthy of sitting with a glass of wine and cheese, other times you wondered out loud “Can’t someone can be arrested for that?”

Since most of Andrews H8r’s were registered members of the party of peace. Liberals represent the party of blacks, Latino’s, gays, and lesbians, so surely there are limits the kinds of hate directed at Andrew right?

  Ok, so a gay slur. Maybe just an isolated incident…

At times Andrew was confused by the peaceful party’s willingness to inject racism into the argument. When he sought answers from the Twitterverse, he always got answers from a guy. It seems based on his bio statement claiming “The undisputed heavyweight champion of politics”, that he might be just the right person to answer Andrew’s question.

Wait, what? Imagine the confusion this tweet caused.

The notorious black hat hacker group known for attacking global banks, major credit card companies systems, US Government websites, and just about any other organization that doesn’t fit into the taxonomy bath salts induced beliefs, loved Andrew so much that they took time away from trying to electronically bankrupt the Vatican to reach out to Andrew.


As you can see in this tweet, considering the reputation of anonymous, someone was concerned about Andrew. Anonymous reassured the concerned twit, that all is ok.

Now that you see that this wasn’t all fun and games, Andrew had a purpose for all of this, though some still thought he was either bored or just wasting his time with his relentless efforts on and offline.

Make no mistake about it; Andrew knew exactly what he was doing. Andrew saw the power of twitter early. He recognized it as a true democratic platform, not one where an influential person got to choose who they wanted to listen to, but one where they are forced to be accountable. One great example is Tim Wise. Tim engaged Andrew and was clearly not a fan, but felt Andrew supports racist groups. As a respected authority on race, Tim’s research and writings are sought after for lecturing at universities and other organization on racial diversity and important subject facing our divided country. Research is the key to finding truth and sometimes the truth is like a kitchen light to the roaches.

Andrew had many supporters and found more and more every day. When Andrew was interested in someone, it meant a few million others were just as interested and they shared everything with him. If you happen to be a person pretending to be an expert in racial diversity, but had some nefarious agenda that nobody knew about, you just might learn what Twitter time means. It’s like your 15 minutes of fame, only fame = pain. It’s the true definition of “Social justice”. We encourage you to watch the video.

It turns out Andrew read some more of Tim’s work and didn’t feel Tim was being honest in his profession. I guess you’re always a little surprised when you learn that educating students on racial diversity and other race related issues of our day could be taught by racists.

Andrew had a special talent that allowed him to detect race baiter’s dog whistles.

Andrew had such disdain for the practice of race baiting that he would often raise the stake to prove the practice existed. Many in the mainstream media would brush away the allegations as “crazy talk”, since the racist event obviously happened and there is no reason to doubt. Andrew didn’t see it that way.


This was not what the mainstream media was accustomed to; the media having to back up such an important story with facts was just nonsense. This was a challenge for MSNBC’s Tore as he is notorious for race baiting. Hell, he made a career out of it and Andrew was threatening that. He had to fight back.

From early on Andrew knew that taking on the left was going to lead to charges of racism. He made his feelings very clear about how he felt about racism, but that wouldn’t matter to those that wanted him to shut up and go away. Those that knew Andrew well knew they could call him a lot of different things, but racist wasn’t one of them. Not even close.

As evidence of the mainstream media to Andrew exposing their political bias, tactics or outright deceptive journalism, we present a tweet that I’m sure one these two would like to forget about. Exhibit A: Just days before Andrew died the White House Correspondent, Tommy Christopher, demonstrated how much class it takes to make it to the White House. He didn’t like that the ‘darling of the media’ Occupy Wall Street movement was being truthfully reported on by Andrew and the team at as well as the big sites.

Oh Tommy…Yeah it was retweeted and now you’re here and H8 is VERIFIED. Welcome. As for Andrew and how he felt about being accused of unimaginable things or being called more awful names in a day than most will be called in their entire life, he would sign off at night with a glimpse of the man that he really was. Tommy wishes he had as much class and character as Andrew.

Bright and early it all started again. There was work to be done and once again, the mainstream media gets an eye full. We’ll let you research what this was all about. You can start with a Google search. Search for “Media Matters for America” and include the words “Fisting for kids”.

And of course more H8 would follow. This one was shocking! After looking at his timeline and bio, turns out he’s a leftist, NASCAR fanatic, blogging homophobic, Breitbart H8. Well, there goes the NSACAR Stereotype Liberals. This guy shattered that.

The more H8, the more Andrew exposed the hypocrisy of the left.   To Andrew the racial hypocrisy was troubling on many levels. He took issue with anyone and at any level, including this guy, Van Jones. At the time of this tweet Jones worked for in President Obama. Not long after this tweet, he was let go. Something about Jones admitting he’s a communist or 911 truther, but anyway we digress.

In 2008 the election introduced Sarah Palin and the ensuing vicious attacks from the left. Palin is a self-motivated woman who worked her way from city council, to mayor and eventually became a popular Governor for Alaska. She was smart, beautiful and even took on her own party to clean up corruption once she arrived in office. Sounds like a feminists dream poster child. Why in hell could the left hate her so much? Andrew recognized almost instantly where that hate came from. When asked, Andrew replied; “Palin breaks every stereotype of the leftist woman. She is conservative, successful and she got their independent from their beliefs. She didn’t abort her baby after discovering he would have Down syndrome and she is beautiful, she their worst fucking nightmare!” Andrew saw things very clearly and he also felt compelled to defend her. Not because she couldn’t defend herself, but because he knew why they hated her and wanted to make damn sure they heard from him. The hypocrisy of the left when it came to Palin was obvious and he made sure everyone couldn’t ignore it.

Andrew’s defending of Sarah Palin earned him more hate, but now they were like two little hated peas in a pod.


For good measure this H8VERIFIED, low life, bottom feeding troll took a shot at Palin by way of her daughter. What a charming gent @lettingo63 is. Stephan Hanks is his name from his twitter bio and he’s Los Angeles. Hopefully no relation to Tom and pray he doesn’t have kids…ever.

Andrew was an amazing friend to those that shared his passion. Andrew understood that by being of part of the cause, that you too would be attacked. If one of his friends were attacked, Andrew was not far behind. In fact, many times he was way ahead of the game.

Attacking his friends was never acceptable. Not even if you’re a a big personality that happens to lean to your side of the political spectrum. Nope, attack his friends and means you’re now with the other guy.

Although many of you might have heard about this next story, you might not have heard ‘The Whole Story’. Let’s make this as quick as possible. In short; Andrew was given a video of Shirley Sherrod, speaking before a group at the NAACP. Shirley worked for the Agriculture department and part of job was helping to save farms. In this video, Sherrod explains she is hesitant to help this white farmer. In case you didn’t guess, Shirley is black and telling the NAACP she had some issues. Andrew posts the video at along with a story that detailed the content and context of the video, including the conclusion to the story. Shirley Sherrod eventually helped the white farmer in a wonder arch of her character and doing the right thing.

The text of Andrew’s article also explain that the the video was posted because he wanted to point out, that as Shirley was talking about how she didn’t want to help the white farmer, well, because he’s white. The audience in the room at the NAACP could be heard agreeing with that racial bias Shirley was explaining. So, this was it. The media found the goose that had cooked Andrew Breitbart’s egg. Why? The video didn’t show Shirley Sherrod’s arch of character when she said she help the farmer. Apparently, those experienced journalists in the media were more interested in stopping Andrew than reading the entire article. It all begins by accusing Andrew of “Selectively editing the video” of Sherrods speech. Never mind, the video was given to him. The craziness was endless and the twitter battles grueling but some unlikely defenders of Andrew caught many off guard. Shirley was fired by President Obama when the story broke but offered it back when the media narrative was set on Breitbart. She declined.

Andrew knew what was coming and so it began…











Even Glenn Beck couldn’t stand the heat. Typically Glenn would know the shot before he takes it, but in this case…No Bueno.


I wonder if Glenn ever apologized?



The unlikely defender Chris Matthews was apparently the only one who read the entire article. This had to be a joyful tweet for Andrew to write. Let’s just say Joan Walsh wasn’t being invited over for Thanksgiving and for Chris to be lecturing Joan? Pure Gold!


Remember Joan Walsh? Andrew had one more message to send for Joan before appearing on a news talk show. Andrew stumbled upon and article reference Joan since she wrote many article about the Sherrod’s and the struggles they face because of Andrew.

We will let you read the tweet and the article to understand a the most unique quality of Andrew. When he knew the truth and he would never stop and until else knew.


With a person like Andrew we can never truly memorialize him in a simple article. We felt this would be a unique first of it’s kind twitter memorial as seen by those that followed him. He changed the way people viewed the social network and he certainly change how is was used. As a result of Andrew and his unrelenting tweeting for results, today there is a huge army of Breitbart’s. They assemble against a bias journalist or new organizations that knowing publishes false information. Within minutes retractions are made and apologies given right there o twitter. Andrew’s army is rather large and in fact, it’s almost impossible to follow more than 10 people without finding out. The one or more of those you follow, proudly post hashtags in their bio’s like #NOH8 signaling or they are carrying on the fight. When see this hashtag you will know you have met one of millions inspired to not just watch from the sidelines but to act. It’s very simple…..


Andrew’s final tweet…


Andrew was by no means a wealthy man. Andrew wealth was not money nor personal belonging but in sacrifice. He gave everything to the cause and we ask that you help now.  Please consider contributing to the  Samson, Mia, Charlie, Will, four very special kids.

Speak your mind, but careful not to become a RacisTwit