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Internet Talk Radio Host Tommy “TJ” Sotomayor Sure Does Hate Woman. Black Woman!

UPDATE: This morning Tommy posted a tweet with a YouTube video so, we watched. Remember when we said “a few times in researching Tommy we really thought there was some insightful thoughts”?  This is what we are talking about.  Tommy address’ a video where 5 blacks girls and a man beat a white pregnant woman.  Although Tommy maintains some of his unique bravado, he speaks with passion about this subject.  We really wish Tommy would sound more like this subdued thoughtful person.

We are a young website so we have only just begin adding topical content based on the purpose the site, to expose the racist or most hateful in social media. The site was started because of the incredible amount of hatred those involved with RacisTwit had witnessed on social networks.  We have seen a lot of very angry, hurtful and honestly, a few very sick people, but few hold a candle to the person we were introduced to via email yesterday.  We were forwarded a few links to tweets that triggered our interest and wanted to learn more about this web radio talk show host Tommy “tj” Sotomayor.  Sometimes you just can’t un-see or un-hear things and you really wish you could.  What we post here is some of the ‘mildest’ of Mr. Sotomayor’s rants.  We listened to just a few hours of video and read Tweets for another few hours and that was almost more than we could handle.  Most of  his rants take place on YouTube video, (and there are countless hours of it), and other video hosting sites, but he also has a Facebook page, a twitter profile and a web radio show. The staggering amount of hate and filth from him is what would amount to  a full-time job with double and triple overtime. Seriously, this man must do this 24/7.  We really wish we were exaggerating.   From what we can tell, Tommy has had multiple YouTube channels mostly because YouTube takes them down and we only know that by the video attacks he received in response to past channels mentions it.   What is most disturbing about Tommy Sotomayor is that he has more than 100,000 followers on twitter and 7,000 on Facebook and that’s before we even look at YouTube views and subscribers.  Tommy is a black man from the Atlanta area  and from what we can tell, doesn’t like woman much but he really hates black woman.  Tommy doesn’t limit his almost non-stop use of  N***er to other blacks, but almost every color of person, dog, creature or any other noun created.  There were a few times in researching Tommy we really thought there was some insightful thoughts from him from time to time, but in a snap those thoughts became part of the vulgar hatred fill misogynistic racist rants that brought him to our attention in the first place.  So, proceed with caution.

Ah yes, the video shot from his young daughter’s room.  He lost us when he  began talking about taking his young daughter to Hooters.

Based on this next tweet, one can assume he was left with a few babies in his day. Then again, we’re just speculating.


If you don’t mind needing a shower afterwards.  Stroll on over to Tommy’s Twitter, YouTube and Facebook Page and browse around. We have provided the links below. You can also visit Tommy’s website where guess what?  You can buy a Tommy “ Boycott Dumb Ass B*tches!!! ” T-shirt.   Just the thing to wear on a Friday night looking for woman on the town.  Thanks to Tommy, the entire staff in going to church tonight and won’t return until next week.

Tommy’s Website

Tommy’s YouTube Channel

Tommy’s Facebook Page

If Tommy could just find that place where those glimpses of  insightful thought come from the remaining 23.9 hours per day.  He might just have a real career and have a positive impact on people.  For now, Tommy is just Verified H8.


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